Update: Public Comments

We have received a great number of comments and sign-ups for more information. Looking like nearly 40 folks interested in helping out and being involved and more are signing up daily - thanks to everyone who took the time to let us know their ideas. It’s an exciting time to see such support and interest.

The comments covered a wide range: we’ve got experienced master gardeners looking for a niche and we’ve got first-time-gardeners just keen to get started. We’ve had interest in workshops that can help people understand when good planting times are, how to keep pests away, and what they can do to bolster soil health. We’ve heard from families from East Falmouth Elementary and from locals excited that they can walk over.

The committee is going to continue to reach out to the community to find out who wants to be involved, but our minds are now turning to the concrete work of building the garden and recruiting gardeners. We’ll be reaching out to interested folks in the coming weeks to talk about plot applications (later in February) and volunteer opportunities (in April/May) so that mid May we can open the doors (gates?) and see what we are able to grow together.